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The Most Amazing Day|鐵道台中篇學員Ulysses

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Last time, I went to Taichung Rail & River - Junior Diplomat Summer Camp, held by Meet Up Formosa. I think this activity is good for me, with a lot of new things that I don’t know. This is a good idea to gain more experiences, and you will know how to live with someone you’re unfamiliar with. You'll walk outside the classroom to learn more. It’ll make your summer/winter vacation more fun. Hope you have a good time!


Before I went on this summer vacation, I felt really upset and angry. I didn’t know what we would do, so I wanted to go home when my father was driving me there. When everyone arrived, we introduced what our name was, where we came from, how we traveled here and why we came here… After that, we started our class. We did icebreaking first. We played a lot of games. Everybody was happy. Then, they made all the people into two teams. We had been playing some games for races. All the game was about knowledge of countries in Taiwan. You would earn points for your team. It was fun. You’ll love it.

We ate delicious food for lunch. Teachers allowed us to use phones at lunch or break time, but not during class time. Teachers played videos about tour guides, which are made by Meet Up Formosa, so we could learn more from them. Some people watched videos, some took a rest, and some played around. We all were happy. We took a nap until 1 pm and continued our class. We learned more things about Taichung Train Station, but until now we hadn’t seen the real train station yet.

We went outside in the afternoon. Teachers told us about Taichung Train Station, such as what happened in this train station, how many generations there were. For snacks, We drank either black tea or milk tea. It was great because it was hot there. Under the hot weather, we were extremely thirsty, so we drank all of the tea before teachers started to take a tour into this train station. Teachers took us to the first generation of Taichung Train Station. Teachers introduced the interior of it. We took some pictures there and had our first group picture. And we all went to the next place - the third generation of Taichung Train Station. Teachers said there was no AC and doors in this train station, and it was new. I loved this because it was cool though there was no AC or doors. After that, we went to the second generation train station. I took some pictures like:

Although these activities were fun, there were some tough questions for us to answer. It’s great too. I was happy about it.

We walked along the rail to Green River. We crossed the road, walked around the city and we saw a lot of things there. I was happy to go outside to learn. We had a break during the walking tour. You could buy something you loved or you wanted to eat. After the course was finished, we went back to the hostel. We rested for a while, then we ate dinner. We kept learning after dinner. And we had foreign teachers to teach us. We both introduced ourselves so that foreign teachers could know us better. We shared our favorite food, trips and places in some games. That’s really great to meet someone else that I didn’t know. After all the courses were finished, we went to our rooms, took a bath, talked for a while and slept. We had an amazing first day!

It was a good idea to come to the camp. It was fun. Maybe everyone will have fun, too. Let's join the camp together in Tainan and Taipei. See you!




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